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About Eva Baskin


For 20 years, Eva, and her now late husband Alan, owned and operated Baskin in the Sun, a scuba diving facility in the Dominican Republic, Turks and Caicos, Haiti and then Tortola. Currently, Eva is the retired science lab manager at the local community college HLSCC, in addition to managing Magic Castle as a rental villa. She is active in local eco and conservation groups, such as Reef Check and the Association of Reef Keepers, as well as a member of the college's Green Committee and advisor to the student Environmental Club. Gardening is a hobby she pursues, when there is time! Having spent many years in the tourist industry, she enjoys getting to know the many different guests she hosts, and ensuring they have the best time ever. Eva and her husband built this villa in 1994. After her husband passed, she moved to the apartment under the house and began renting the entire main level as a vacation villa. The above is a mailing address. The villa is located on Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.